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2023 Setup Documents

TruckCourier & Marks Logistics

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Resource Kits

28Freight Resource Kit

Everything you need to know about 28Freight and the services we offer. Updated 01/17/23

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Warehousing Resource Kit

All about our warehousing services and facilities. Updated 11/18/22

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Drayage Resource Kit

Learn all about our coast to coast and port to port drayage services. Updated 5/30/2023

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Case Studies

Case Study: Zoll Medical

Learn about how 28Freight and Zoll Medical teamed up in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic to deliver critical supplies in the midst of unprecedented challenges.

Case Study: Pastene

Learn how 28Freight partnered with Pastene, a high-quality Italian specialty food company, to increase their distribution capacity during a time when their incumbent carrier was winding down operations. Updated 7/2023.

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Case Study: Sullivan & McLaughlin

Gain insights about how Sullivan & McLaughlin enlisted 28Freight to ensure 24/7 deliveries and provide exceptional support to their clients through our rush service options. Updated 7/2023.

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