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28Freight Acquires WinWars Express, a Leading Ground Freight Transportation Provider

BOSTON, February 16, 2024 – 28Freight announces the acquisition of Winwars Express, a leading ground freight transportation provider as part of an ongoing company expansion. Winwars Express, an asset-based trucking company, provides dedicated fleets of trucks, affording customers the convenience of personalized transportation without the burdens of liability and overhead.

Winwars Express contributes 53 feet of ground expedited support to the 28Freight family, bolstering our current transportation services. Additionally, they boast 40,000-square-feet of warehouse space in Ayer, Massachusetts. The certified hazmat facility provides essential assistance to clients shipping medical equipment and other hazardous materials.

“We’re thrilled about the acquisition of Winwars Express and the opportunity for us to further enhance our service offerings throughout North America. Our team is looking forward to integrating Winwars Express into our operations, and we’re confident that this expansion will bring significant value to our customers,” said Richard Marks, President, 28Freight. “The Winwars Express team joins us with 50 years of industry expertise and we extend our gratitude to their founders, Gary and Millie Thompson, for their invaluable contribution. Their offering of dedicated fleets has assimilated seamlessly into the 28Freight brand, enhancing our capacity to deliver tailored solutions with precision and efficiency.”

Winwars Express joins TruckCourier and Mark Logistics in the growing family of 28Freight brands. 28Freight remains committed to delivering unparalleled service and value to meet the evolving needs of a rapidly expanding market for on-demand, expedited, and dedicated freight transportation and logistics solutions.